436-14  75 x 116

painting 436 / 14
75 x 116 cm

The individual handwriting of the artist decides over the quality of his work.
The colour is tension in itself.

Here we have to do with ambiguity that means equivocalness, which preoccupies us and captivates us.
The painter has to do with boundless artistic independence which demands him.

A gesture can be certain, determinant, carried out with vigour, or soft, affectionate, connecting. Gesture is not burdened with the form.

The line conveys the body language and sweep of the hand. It is characteristically for the rhythmics which make some elastic space and convey a floating , flowing movement.

In this century and already the century before, informal painting is the painting of diversity, of unlimited possibilities for the painter and leaves  any interpretation to the observer. 

431-14  75 x 116

painting 431 / 14
75 x 116 cm

A painting is a gesture which makes an impression on us and wins us all over.
By the gestural painting nothing can be identified exactly. We are always challenged to reach an ascertainment, which makes the meaning of the painting for us.