234-06  50 x 60



1982 - 1986

8 semester university for applied science Niederrhein, art with main emphasis on ceramics - design

1987 - 2001

private ceramics-studio

seit 2003

private painting studio


European academy of fine arts Trier,
free painting by Claude Mancini, Paris


European academy of fine arts Trier,
the power of colour by Wolfgang Rüppel
painting technique and production of colours by Roland Satlow

233-06  50 x  60

the connection of form, painting gesture and the visibility of space is the task of abstraction, which I endeavour for.
Form is created by space. Colour, form and space, beyond the margin of a painting, have to result in harmonic unity.
It is irrelevant who used which technique of painting first or who put which knowledge into words first. Important is, what you make out of it yourself.